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Kit includes:

SUPER GREEN LAB’S GROWER KIT is an all-in-one system designed for DIY projects that allows you to turn any furniture into a stealthy connected grow box using SuperGreenOS.

It provides most features used when growing plants indoor and entirely controllable with your Smartphone, Pc, Mac, Linux, Toaster, Plumbus, Whatnot...

  • Controls 6 separate LED drivers, a Blower and 2 Fans.

  • Set a timer and photoperiod (18/6 & 12/12) in-app

  • Up to 2 separate timers, for full-cycle setups (Growth + Flowering)

  • Temperature and Humidity sensor

  • Control light intensity manually and in-app

  • Monitor ventilation power

  • Automatic ventilation control based on temperature and humidity (incoming update)

  • Wireless connection to other Super Green Systems

  • Data sent to a private cloud

  • Produce alerts based on sensor values

  • Stretch mode, allows to choose how much you want your plant to stretch or thicken

  • Sunglass mode, so you don't burn your eyes when you work on your plants

  • More to come..


  • 4 Board kit: 50 to 70g every 3 month.

  • 6 Board kit: 50 to 70g every 1.5 month.

Super Green Board 64.561C highlights:

Each board has 64 highest flux and lowest voltage bin for an unbeatable performance

  • 64 x Samsung LM561C (up to 210lm/w) high-quality diodes per Board

  • ~3400K Spectrum (mix of 2700K and 5000k diodes)

  • 12W Nominal Power

  • Board Dimensions 4.5” x 5.2” (114mm x 132mm)

Driver highlights:

  • MCU : ESP32-WROOM-32, wifi , bluetooth and BLE microcontroller

  • Power in: 24V standard 5mm barrel input

  • Output: 6 LED Boards, 2 Fans, 1 Blower, 1 sensor (standard JST-XH series connectors)

Stealthy DIY Greenhouses you can build with a Grower Kit :

  • Growbox in a TV Stand (4 and 6 led kit)

  • Space Bucket (4 led kit)

  • Small Full Cycle Closet with two sections: a growth space and a flowering space (6 led kit)

  • Medium Grow Tents (3ftx3ft / 2ftx4ft / 4ftx4ft / 5ftx5ft)

(Shipping with UPS in 2-3 weeks)

Number of Leds:

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