Warning: the following part of the guide might change in the following weeks. For the better. Trust me I’m an engineer.



Finally have completely setup our connected space bucket !

So it's time for a maiden flight.

Install the app, and launch it.

Be sure to enable bluetooth, and allow location when it asks for it on android. (Sry about that, there is no location searching whatsoever, android just forces you to ask for location when you do bluetooth … source code here)



Grab the power plug, and turn the driver up !




Wait a few seconds, should be done in about 10-15s. If not, try to find what could disable bluetooth, like some sort of power saving mode. Still doesn’t work ? Reboot the phone.

Still not working ? Come shout at my face on our subreddit r/SuperGreenLab



The first step is to setup wifi, so the box can get the time when it boots up.

It also allows remote monitoring and alert. The backend is open-source, if for some reasons you want to avoid using our IP, just install it, we'll help.



Now for the lights !

The app features some sort of "assembly test" screen.

Just go through all leds with the arrows, and set the chosen led's brightness with the slider at the bottom.


Once all leds have been tested (they light up when you set the brightness to the right, lift the finger for the change to take effect).

I could do this all day.



Now choose your timer type.

Classic sunrise/sunset is the classic timer where you set on and off hours.



You can set the on and off hours at that step.

Ok the UI is not so good right now, will be fixed in a few weeks.

Web interface underway.





Go !

The timer starts, and lights go on if you are in the “on” part of the day.

The blower should go on too, if not already.



There’s unique features’n’shit. Like a dim button so you don’t burn your retina each time you open it.

You can also set the blower’s intensity ! Wow.

Much more to come with temperature sensors etc..


The more this project goes, the more I’m in love with these things.


Well done mate.