Let there be light !

We chose to do it as a vertical scrog, seems easier to maintain a good ambient light.

The point is that leds are very directional lights, and they cast dark shadows on lower parts of the plant.

This can be partly mitigated with training, but that quite some work, topping ‘n’ bending ‘n’ shit ya know.

But vertical scrog offers a really simple solution, don’t even need to top actually (I do it just once usually).



So for vertical scrogging, we put the lights on the sides, as opposed to the usual leds-on-top design.

We use the led panels we produce, there is a small hole in the middle, we’ll use this one to fix the lights to the bucket.

We’ll do one hole per lights.

Please looks at the following pics before starting.

Align the holes with bucket’s handles !



The highest lights will be at a ~45deg angle, so we do the holes at the bucket’s bottom angle.

Do both sides.



The holes should be roughly equal distance, don’t worry it’s not a millimeter job.


Led panels !

Ain’t they cute ?



So now here’s the trick, we want to fix our led panels to the sides of the bucket, with zip ties, and only one hole.

Grab 2 zip ties, 1 led panel (we know where this is going right ?).

There is a hole at the center of the led panels, insert one zip tie through it.

Get the zip tie (with the led panel), through the hole you made in the bucket, start from top (when bucket on his bottom) !

Now grab it from the outside, and zip the other zip tie to it.

Watch the following gifs before proceeding, there are more angle of the process.


Warning: before your tighten the zip tie, be sure that the wire from the light above is going under it.

Warning 2: Don’t tighten too much, they’re not fragile, but don’t go full force on it.



Plugg it.


Note: you should probably plug the last one first, it’s quite a nightmare plugging it in after it’s in place.


This was quite hard to do, plug it before you tighten it up.



Again, other side.


For the guide we had to use a custom cob different from the led panels, the black one on the bottom left because we didn’t have any led panels left (currently in production)
By the way it’s a CX1512, great cobs but still needs a large radiator to lower the temperature compared to led panels that dont get overheat.


Here’s what you should get with a 6 led panel kit. (As you can see we’re truly professional at photoshopping)


Here’s what we got


here’s what you’ll get


That’s enough appreciation now.

We’re nearly finished ! Move on.



Cut the extra zip ties


all of them



Add zip ties to the hanging cables, we’re stoners, not animals.



The attentive ent in the audience might have noticed that there is no mylar in this shot.. Yes we forgot it at first, and had to re-do the whole thing, gotta love that new job.


Congratulations you’ve finished the Led part, here’s a cute cat to reward you, now let’s switch to the driver.