This step is there to fix one big issue when growing cannabis: light leaks.

This will also add power isolation and better smell control with a predictable airflow.

We’re going to do 2 things in this step:

  • Add sealing gasket to seal the gap that might exist when we stack both big buckets on top of each other.

  • Apply reflective material (we got mylar, others exist, can be just blank btw, has to be opaque tho),
    we do this for 2 reasons, better ambient light in the box, reduce power waste, and makes the bucket opaque.



Get some sealing gasket and put it around the gasket’s opening.



Cut the sealing gasket, a little overlap is better than discontinuity.


That’s ok.



Put the two ends together so that no gap can be visible.



Grab the reflective mylar.



Put it on the ground, we’ll need some place around to unfold it a bit.

We want a piece of mylar that is wide enough to cover all the inside of the bucket.

To get the right measurement, we’re gonna wrap the bucket with the mylar, and cut when goes all-around.



Wrap the bucket with the reflective material, it should go all around, and overlap a little with itself.



Now you can grab you scissors and appreciate a good cut all the way.



You now have a piece of reflective material that is as wide as the perimeter of our bucket !

And now it is sad and useless.. Give him sum luv.



Put it in place, and unfold something like 2,5m.

The red line on this image is the line we’re going to cut along.



Place the big bucket’s bottom at the edge of the mylar, but let few cm as padding.



Cut the mylar all the way, let few cm, and take care that the bucket does not roll out of it (it’s usually not a perfect cylinder).



Roll your piece of mylar, with the reflective side on the inside.



So here’s the plan: We now have a piece of mylar that has the right height, and is wide enough to be wrapped on the inside of the bucket.

We’ll start by putting it on one side, we want to glue the piece of mylar that unrolls, reflective has to be pointing to the inside of the bucket ! I insist, we failed there :P

Once this little piece is glued, it’ll stay in place, allowing us to unroll the rest.

Go to the next gif to see the gluing process.



Apply the hot glue by doing vertical lines all the way from bottom to top.

Then press the mylar on the line of glue you just did, don’t sniff it it’s not potent anyway, watch for you fingers, hot glue is hot.





Now do the same with the rest of the mylar, apply vertical lines, press mylar, rince, repeat.



The last line of glue should be on the beginning part of the mylar.


You should get something like this.



Love cutting things with scissors.



Now we’ll seal the mylar.

Apply glue on the edge of the big bucket.

Don’t touch the sealing gasket tho, and don’t have the glue go higher than the sealing gasket either.



Press with your hand, and keep in place few seconds.

Watch for you fingers, hot glue is hot



Do it all around.


And voila.



God I love it.



Fold the rest a little, it’ll help with keeping light in.


I love you for reaching this point, can’t go back now, too much involved.