Super Green Box

Everything you need to start growing in a single box


How does it work ?


Receive your kit at home and build your growbox

Follow the step by step guide, it will take you about 50 minutes to build.


Find your growbox the perfect spot in your home

Connect the app to your growbox, it will tell you if everything is setup correctly.


You are ready to grow !

Get your favorite strain, germinate it and plant it in the Super Green Box.
Harvest in 2 to 3 month!

chronico 11.jpg


Fits standard kitchen appliance size

It measures 41cm x 41cm x 85cm and you can put it under any kitchen benchtop. It is the same height as any other kitchen appliance.


Monitor your growbox with your smartphone

Super Green Lab's built-in firmware allows you to monitor your growbox directly from your smartphone. You can select different modes: grow, bloom and dry.


Full spectrum LED powered growbox

Super Green LED 72W LED system will produce a full spectrum comparable to a 250w HPS. It consumes less energy than a laptop charger and lasts longer than standard lights bulbs.


Where's Wally?

It's totally discrete and completely odorless with its Super Green Carbon Filter™.
It makes less noise than a fridge, you would never guess that a plant is living behind the door.


Built on wheels

With magnetic doors, it can be opened and closed easily and can be moved wherever you want.


Being beta tested actually, be informed when it’s released for sale