SGDriver V1.2

Power and control your Growbox



Super Green Driver is a technology developed by Super Green Lab that allows you to monitor your Growbox with your smartphone.

It controls 2 Fans, 1 Blower, 6 Led panels and can reduce or upgrade their effectiveness to adjust to the perfect climate for your plant or selected growing method.

For example, if the temperature is too high in the box, the driver will automatically improve the blowing intensity or if you choose to pick the stretch mode, the app will lower the Leds in order to make the plant grow taller.



Board Overview

MCU : ESP32-WROOM-32, wifi , bluetooth and BLE microcontroller

LED drivers : 6xAL8860MP buck step-down, up to 1.5A led driver

DCDC : TS30042 5V buck stepdown, up to 2A

LDO : AZ1117CH-3.3TRG1 3.3V 800mA LDO

POWER IN : 24V standard 5mm barrel input (should be ok up to 40V)

OUTPUTS : standard JST-XH series connectors (6 x LEDS, 2 x fans, 1 x blower, 1 x sensor)

ADDITIONAL : 2.54 mm solderable header (additional pins and flash) JTAG and flash TAG connect interface