Ok so this step is very important. We’re going to seal the door, for 2 main reasons:

  • The whole intake/outtake steps that we previously did are useless if the air can go out around the doors.

  • Light leaks ! For stealth and because plants don’t really like having there night interrupted by light rays.


Swedish furnitures are really easy to seal. Just assemble the doors so they have a regular gap all around. That’s explained in there manual, you might have to adjust the screws in the hinges.

Now take the sealing gasket and apply it all around.


Hinges might be a little challenging.

We made is simpler by removing the sticker paper after putting it in place (check the following steps below).

The best is clearly to do this as you are building there furniture.


Ok now it might help to have magnets.

Not necessarily mandatory, check your build, if the sealing is already good, you can skip these steps.


Grab your hot glue gun and place the metallic plate.


Now what we’re going to place the magnets on it, put some glue on them and quickly push the door against them.

When the door is re-openned we have precises marks of where we have to glue them on the door.

Take the magnets back before it drys too much.


Apply glue on the door, place magnet, add bit of glue on top. And wait for the glue to cool down, don’t close the door now !


Once the glue has cooled down, close the door to check that it worked.