That’s the moment we’ve been waiting for, we’re gonna grow cannabis !

We don’t have a tutorial on that yet, there’s plenty on the internet.

tl;dr: Place 2 seeds in a glass of water, put it in the dark, can take up to 4 days to get out.


Now that the seeds are ready to go, take two pots of soil, and place the seeds under the soild. (just few cm or 1/2in deep).


Good now we’ll configure the timers etc..

Get the app, launch it and wait for it to detect your box.


Configure the wifi.


Now go through the self test to be sure we have all leds working.


Timer configuration should be quite straightforward as we’re in veg by default.

Press done, the lights should come up if you are in the “on” hours.


Ok now close the doors.

Depending on the temperature, you should have to water every 2-3 days, but we highly encourage you to go see your plant often.


That’s what you end up, on one side, they’re flowering, on the other they start vegging.

Continuous supply !

3 weeks later..


About 3 weeks later you should have something like this.

We decided to add a little step about training, because we considered that was clearly part of the build.